Combating Obesity The Right Way

There is a lot written about body image issues and how calls for losing weight can negatively impact the self-image of young girls and boys and lead to more harmful psychological disorders. However, the sensitivity that now surrounds this issue makes it difficult to approach people who really do need to lose weight; people who are obese by nature or have become so through habit and circumstance need to lose weight or face dire consequences in their health. Once a doctor has told you to lose weight, there are safe ways to lose the pounds and keep them off.

Adjust Your Outlook

Obesity is most often a result of overeating combined with inactivity. There are often reasons behind these two life choices and they have nothing to do with living a sedentary lifestyle. More often, individuals find themselves overeating as a result of stress, tension, depression and dealing with other emotions that they cannot process in a better, healthier manner. One of the first things you therefore have to do is make a conscious effort to change your mind set and lifestyle. Force yourself to eat smaller portions of snacks and then cut them out eventually; eat your vital greens and fruits and veggies as much as the junk food; cook your own food so that the process makes you tired and forces you to eat slower and stop earlier.

Be Smart About It

Read up on everything you can do. Go talk to nutritionists and health professionals. Find out information about the different workouts that you can integrate into your life that will help you maintain your weight loss levels and that will not interfere with your life too much. Most people lose control over exercise regimes the moment their ‘ideal’ conditions (like a gym near the house, transport to and from there etc.) fall apart. Eat all the right foods that hit the jackpot like a protein powder shake in the morning before breakfast to give you energy for the day without the accompanying fats and lipids.

Don’t Go It Alone

It can sometimes be embarrassing to admit it, but you cannot lose weight by doing it all alone. If you’re trying to be healthy and your family is having a pizza party, that just kills it for you. Instead, tell your friends and family. There may be people who would happily workout with you, go jogging with you in the morning. Others might have fantastic recipes for you to try out that are healthy and tasty. Speak to a trainer so that you have a proper to regimen to follow. Ask him or her to help you come up with workouts you can do on your own too.

Posted by: Balbina Mateo on Category: Medical Services