Parts Of The Body That You Can Perform A Sensual Therapy

You must think about the areas where you can perform a body-to-body massage. You must make sure that you do it correctly to avoid any parts of the body from getting damaged. Sometimes if you do perform the massage in a harsh manner you can bruising your client. Here are some parts of the body that you can perform a sensual therapy:


You must think about performing a massage on the head region. Do try to utilize the correct amount of oil when performing a tantric massage Tsim Sha Tsui. The massage is a great way for someone to become intimate with someone. Make sure that you do massage the temples as well as forehead when performing the technique. You must run your thumbs across the scalp region slowly then you must apply the correct amount of pressure while doing so. Make sure that you do massage the scalp as slowly as you can.


Do massage the shoulder as well as back area well. Try to massage the back and shoulder area well. You can use some hot oil when trying to stimulate the areas well. If you are clinic that is open to sexual adventure then you can try utilizing long strokes. It will help your client enjoy the moment a lot better.


You must utilize the correct pressure even on the erotic areas of the body. If you do it well then it can result in a seductive foreplay. Do try to perform the body-to-body massage as slowly as you can. If you do perform the task well then you can reduce any pain on the area. You must try to increase the level of pressure on your own.


You must make sure that you do a great massage on the leg region. You can even try to caress and stroke the region with your fingertips. If you do utilize enough pressure then you can even relieve any pain that your client is feeling. Make sure that the leg region is massaged slowly and steadily as muscle spasms are often found in this region. If you want the person to feel relaxed and happy then you must utilize the correct pressure. Remember that you must ask your friends as well as family members about the process. Some people might not like to be naked while it is being performed then you will have to provide a cloth or even a towel to cover up during the process. Remember that customer satisfaction is key to acquire more customers.

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